7 Ways to hack WhatsApp Account without their phone

WhatsApp Hack: 7 Ways to hack WhatsApp Account without their phone

In the modern world, technology has taken the way of communication to new heights. Unlike, in older days, when communicating with others was very time consuming and tedious, in the present day, communication between two parties happens easily and seamlessly without any hassles. With the introduction of social media applications like WhatsApp, Facebook, and other similar applications, one can easily communicate with anyone across the globe.

WhatsApp Hack: 7 Ways to hack WhatsApp Account without their phone
WhatsApp Hack: 7 Ways to hack WhatsApp Account without their phone

However, with flexible communication comes less privacy, which could sometimes lead to undesirable results. It happens that some unwanted elements can track the secret data from your mobile so to avoid such things, in this article you will get to know about different ways to hack the WhatsApp messages without letting the person know, which is going to help you out.

Introduction to WhatsApp

WhatsApp is a social media application, which helps us to communicate with people across the world. It is a messenger application that allows us to send messages to anyone without spending a single penny. It is free of cost application that can be downloaded from the play store. This application uses the internet for sending messages, videos, and audio. It is very popular among youths as it helps them to do various things without any cost. It can be used on the mobile and desktop as well. If you want to use the application on the desktop then you can download the app from the internet and can run on the desktop.

Reasons for hacking WhatsApp account

Whenever someone wants to hack the target phone WhatsApp account, all the things related to WhatsApp account like messages, videos, and pictures can be hacked without allowing the user of the targeted phone to know about being hacked. There are various reasons for hacking WhatsApp account and some of them are-

For parents

You all know that youths are the significant users of the WhatsApp application; no one uses this application the way youths use. It becomes imperative for parents to sometimes monitor the activity of their child. Many teenagers fool their parents while studying and they are doing some undesirable activities on the internet and send unwanted messages during conversations with their friends so it becomes necessary for parents to check the activity of their phone by hacking their WhatsApp account secretly.

For Spouses

Sometimes, spouses could also betray the trust of partners and they, on one side show their trust and at the back, they interact with others secretly so hacking WhatsApp account of the partner can sometimes prevent you from stormy relationships

For organization

It becomes important for the executives in the company to have a look at the activities of their employees. These days, most of the companies convey portfolios and important tasks through WhatsApp groups so some employees of the company may share a message to the others and can discuss the strategies of the company with unwanted officials, who may take advantage of the company business. By hacking the suspect person WhatsApp account, the person could be prevented from doing unlawful activities.

Part 1: use spy tools for hacking WhatsApp

Way 1: SpyRen

Way 1: SpyRen
Way 1: SpyRen

SpyRen is a very popular and fast-growing application both on internet and mobile. It offers spy-related content about hacking WhatsApp account to hacking personal messages. Because of the application innovative content, it has been continuously ranked well by online spy magazines and website critics. The best thing about this application is that it can be downloaded on any platform whether desktop or mobile and it is compatible with android and IOS devices.

Advantages of using SpyRen to hack WhatsApp
  • You will be able to read WhatsApp messages and monitor the messages of the targeted phone account easily and whenever you require.
  • You will be able to monitor the activities and view the address of the webpage, visited by the targeted phone. Generally, it is seen that the targeted phone sometimes has extra security features, which disallow other hacking applications to perform functions but in case of SpyRen, all the security features are disabled by the Spyzen and thus the functions are easily performed.
  • The targeted phone activity is continuously monitored and all the messages and videos and images are continuously monitored. Any secret message send to the unauthentic person will be immediately blocked and no one will be able to send the message further.

Download WhatsApp Hacking App

Features of the SpyRen application

There are various features of the Spyzen application which makes it attractive to many customers who are trying to hack WhatsApp account with their phone and some of those features are

Spying calls

Generally, calls of the targeted phone are tracked with this application. The live conversation between the two parties can be easily disclosed with this application. these days many persons who are trying to deceive someone are using WhatsApp caller as it is free of cost and with certain security features but in this application, all the calls are blocked and avoid the user to make any further calls.

Spying SMS

This application is master of catching the unwanted messages and all the undesirable messages are sent to the control wizard of the special software designed by the Spyren application. No messages pass undetectable. Sometimes to track the messages a hidden message is sent to the targeted phone and once the targeted customer opens the file containing the messages then all the messages and files of the targeted phone are opened and are retrieved by this application without knowing the targeted customer that the phone is being hacked.

Location tracking

The locating tracking feature of the application is one of the best as it allows the GPS server to track the location of the targeted phone user and the phone. Sometimes it happens with the other applications that due to server error the WhatsApp account are not able to track the location of the targeted phone. But in this application advanced features of tracking are installed from which the targeted phone couldn’t escape.

How to install SpyRen on the mobile

In the above-mentioned paragraph, you made yourself aware about the different spy-related applications and their features and ways of hacking the WhatsApp account of the targeted phone now you will get to know about the steps to install the SpyRen application on your mobile.

  1. In the first step, you will have to enter the personal details regarding your phone details and the model of a particular phone has to be entered.
  2. In the second step especially in the android devices, you will have to root the phone because once you root the phone then you will have to install a file which is going to hack the messages on the targeted phone
  3. In the third step after all the details are entered then the targeted phone details should be entered so that you will be able to hack the targeted phone.

Way 2: TheTruthSpy

Way 2: TheTruthSpy
Way 2: TheTruthSpy

TheTruthSpy is a widely used tool and popular spy application which provides us innovative content about spying targeted phone messages, images, and videos without letting them knows about being hacked. This application is continuously ranked as one of the most productive and creative spy application for many years. This software is compatible with android as well as IOS devices. The content produced by this website is of high quality and curate by professional writers.

Features of TheTruthSpy

Tracking location

It can track the location of the targeted phone which is going to be hacked. Generally, there are some applications which are not able to hack the targeted phone because of the technical errors which come in the server but in this application nothing, much happens.

SMS tracker

SMS are easily tracked with the help of this application. Sometimes this application sends images in the form of codes to the targeted phone and once the targeted suspect opens up the image then all the messages are retrieved and can be easily hacked.

Call logs tracking

Most of the WhatsApp calls can be tracked with the help of this application and apart from hacking the calls of the suspect it hacks the date and time of the call and also records the matter which was transferred through the call.

Way 3: PhoneTracking

Way 3: PhoneTracking
Way 3: PhoneTracking

It is one of the popular WhatsApp hacking application which delivers creative and innovative content on different types of hacking and is always rated good in terms of its spy-related content it is compatible with the operating systems like android and IOS devices. It has got easy installation and the best feature of this application includes remote control, which means that you can access the targeted phone from far away location without any technical hassles in the processing of the data.

Part 2: other WhatsApp hacking methods

Ways of hacking WhatsApp account without their phone

There are various ways of hacking WhatsApp account without knowing the suspect about being hacked. You can hack the WhatsApp by hacking the messages, by mac spoofing and by WhatsApp back extractor. In the coming paragraph, you will get to know everything

Hacking WhatsApp account by hacking messages

The above thing can be done with the help of a popular application known as (spyzen.com), which is a very popular application and will help you in guiding about hacking WhatsApp account

There are certain steps one will have to follow to achieve this and the steps are

Way 4: Rooting android phone

Way 4: Rooting android phone
Way 4: Rooting android phone

To hack the WhatsApp account you will have to root the smartphone you are using because most of the smartphones do not allow the foreign application to do this kind of activities. After rooting the smartphone you will have to download the (spyzen.com) on your phone. After downloading, register on the application with all the personal information and then open the control panel to see the WhatsApp messages of the targeted phone.

Way 5: Hacking by mac spoofing

Way 5: Hacking by mac spoofing
Way 5: Hacking by mac spoofing

Just remember, Mac here doesn’t mean MAC computers, it means media access control, it is an identification number assigned to the Wifi and network adapter

In this method, you will have to first uninstall the WhatsApp from your mobile. Later on, it will get installedNote down the media access control number, which you will find in settings of operating systems. Click on the option about the phone and then you will get the MAC number

In the third step change, the mac address of your phone and the WhatsApp thinks that it is being installed on the phone and this method is called spoofing. After completing this process you will be able to hack the WhatsApp messages of the targeted phone

Way 6: Hacking WhatsApp with the help of an extractor

Way 6: Hacking WhatsApp with the help of an extractor
Way 6: Hacking WhatsApp with the help of an extractor

This is a bit lengthy process but it is surely going to work. Earlier only IOS phones had this special feature of extractor but nowadays you will see this in android phones too. Following steps, you will have to do to use extractor for hacking messages Download the UltData application from the internet and enter details of your phone. Once installed run the UltData file.

There are different options available on the screen for hacking. For example images, videos and files, messages are given. You will have to select the messages option and the UltData application will start hacking the WhatsApp messages of the targeted phone. Just make sure that debugging icon should be activated in the android phones to run this application.

Way 7: Hacking by sending images

Way 7: Hacking by sending images
Way 7: Hacking by sending images

In this method of hacking WhatsApp account of the targeted phone, you will have to set the malicious code in the image and then send the image to the targeted phone. Once the suspected person opens up the image then the code inserted will start working and the WhatsApp account elements like messages, images and videos will be displayed on the hacker’s account. In this method, one needs strong coding skills.


Finally, it can be said that after learning about ways of hacking WhatsApp without the targeted person’s mobile phone. This way you will be able to peep into the targeted phone messages without letting them know of being hacked.