10 Best Free KeyLogger without their phone

List of 10 Best Free KeyLogger without their phone

Is using KeyLogger legal? According to tech experts, although KeyLogger facilitate a major incursion of privacy but they are legal too. For personalize use, parents use this software as a way to protect their kids when they are using the internet, this is again completely legally recommended by professionals.

When the question of legality settled come to the point for its use Parents of underage kids can know what their kids are doing online, with whom they are chatting on Facebook or other social media accounts.

A KeyLogger is software from which one can view all the keystrokes made on the target devices when it gets installed discreetly. However, there are many situations where you might need this software. Probably, you find yourself in a condition of being concerned about your relationship. Or maybe sometimes you leave your phone at your home and kind of feel like your partner checked it.

Among all the reasons you might want to know your partner is cheating on you or not, knowing the ways is very essential. So If you don’t want to face such situations and want to monitor everything before then it is prominent to use KeyLogger software rather than always worrying about unpleasant results.

Surely, this software release tension and everything will be more clear than before.

So here in this article, we are going to mention about 10 best free KeyLogger apps, which surely will remove your worries.

List of 10 Best Free KeyLogger without their phone
List of 10 Best Free KeyLogger without their phone

More insights about KeyLogger

Might be many of online users does not know about the what KeyLogger software is. Well, it is spy software embedded in spy apps. It can record every single activity of device it is installed in. Not just keystrokes, this type of software can spy on emails, messages and other activities of the target device. Most of the time KeyLogger app is used for spying passwords from the target device and personal information.

Under what circumstances KeyLogger is legal

KeyLogger is illegal if it is installed on the device not owned by you or if your target person about, it varies as per different jurisdictions. Also, it is illegal when the intention is to steal passwords, credit cards, property or bank relates credentials or personal information.

Basic uses of the KeyLogger

Given the fact that KeyLogger is keystroke recording software, it has the following uses:

  • Parental control- by this software one can know about their kids mobile phone activities discreetly. Moreover, they get notified regarding a specific site clicked online, real time location and many more things. Most of the people choose to control online browsing of their kid’s phone.
  • Security- if you are a business owner and want to be sure your employees are working under respective rules, and then you can use KeyLogger software. In this way, you can increase the productivity of your company by evaluating actual business hours.
  • Tracking partner activities- in case you have doubt or feel something is not good in your relationship, and then you can use this software that will enable to know your spouse activities.
  • Monitoring user activities- internet café users who want to know what their users are doing or accessing on the internet can use a KeyLogger.

The KeyLogger software collects data and monitor activities of the target device, it works on Mac, iphone, PC, mobile phone and other types of operating systems. Importantly, a KeyLogger can work efficiently on all versions of Windows Mac operating systems.

Note- in some countries it is necessary to inform the victim that KeyLogger software is installed on their devices.

How to choose the best KeyLogger

In this era of tech, it might be tough to believe yet, because devices are super connected all over the world. Thus, KeyLoggers have reached to next level, and now apps have many advanced features.

Although, all spy apps claim to be the best, however, in reality not all are good as they claim. So to get the best apps, below we are going to mention some of the most important things you need to consider while choosing KeyLogger software.

  • Installation- foremost thing is, KeyLogger should be simple and easy to install. Yet you may be thinking about how to install such software. Well, some software does not need physical access to the target device and can be installed remotely. However, there are only a few apps that figure out activities successfully and not require physical access to the victim phone. It is not necessary whether software require physical access to the target device or not that you want to spy on, but installation should be simple and easy.
  • Working- this is an important part of the list of things to consider. Now it depends on a person requirements and priorities to be fulfilled. Some of the KeyLogger software can allow social media spying, WhatsApp monitoring, text message tracking, email accessing and more. Other important feature is GPS tracking, using this you can know the real time location of the target person. Another vital feature of KeyLogger feature is browsing history monitoring and blocking or accessing call details. So if your requirements are those then choose one after looking at its features.
  • Easy to use- using a KeyLogger become very easy if the data accessed by it is easy to understand. And the keyboard control panel is easy to navigate where online activities and data is gathered. You should use the KeyLogger which shows reports that are easy to understand. Moreover, good KeyLogger software allows you to check information in real time.
  • Hidden- KeyLogger software should work in hidden mode so the victim cannot detect it. Yes! A spy app without this feature is totally waste, so as soon you download a KeyLogger, you should check it is featuring hidden more or not.

After reading the above points, you should know about the KeyLogger, now it is time to move onto the list of best 10 free KeyLogger software that you can selects from the list.

Here we go Top 10 Free KeyLogger without their phone

#1 SpyRen

#1 SpyRen
#1 SpyRen

It is one of the top KeyLogger apps that are best for all types of operating systems. Not only this app allows you to monitor passwords but also accessing browsing history, call logs accessing, instant messages, device controlling, GPS location tracking, monitoring internet activities and access social media accounts such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Viber, and more. Moving one of the most essential features of SpyRen is geo-fencing. By this feature, you can restrict the area of the target person and get notified if he/she crosses it. At last, it offers you all the information that you need for installation of the app, read terms and conditions of app before downloading, everything is available on its official website- spyren.com visit it to know more.

Download SpyRen App

#2 TheTruthSpy

#2 TheTruthSpy
#2 TheTruthSpy

It is another trustworthy app among the top KeyLogger apps that allows you to have complete control over the target device remotely. Some of the main features are password tracking, monitoring internet browsing history, text message spy and monitoring social media account activities. Apart from these features, it is free for window operating systems, but for the android device, it needs registration. Moving on, download and installation of the app are very easy and simple as long as you follow the right steps. In a couple of minutes, you can start spying over the target device.

#3 Spirix KeyLogger

#3 Spirix KeyLogger
#3 Spirix KeyLogger

This is the next pick among other KeyLogger apps. It is a free option which is loaded with quite impressive features compared to other apps available on the market. Some of its key features are GPS location tracking, accessing messages, call recording features, app control, notification alerts and many more. If you like to use this app you need to have a proper internet connection. For getting started you need to set up an account and then you have to download this app to the target device.

#4 FreePhoneSpy

It is another interesting spy app after FreePhoneSpy KeyLogger. It allows hacking password without possible rooting or jailbreaking. So you don’t need to bypass the security of the target phone for making use of it. You just need to use FreePhoneSpy and surely you will get exciting keylogging experience. This app has a very insightful user interface and easily accessible from online servers.

#5 Kid logger

Some of the embedded features of this spy app can help you to access location, messages, photos, and screenshots and call logs from the target device. To use this app, you need to register and buy its monthly plans. Kid logger offers two packages from free to paid, you can choose one as per your requirements. Kid logger app works efficiently even without any pass security bypass for both android and IOS operating systems.

#6 XySpy

If you are looking for a KeyLogger app that works in all sorts of operating system, then XySpy is one. This app works effectively analyzing the phone activities and access reports from the target device. Some of its features are tracking location, accessing emails, messenger app spy, live call recording and more. Apart from hacking passwords, you can even access the hidden apps and also operate rear camera of the target device. It is not just a KeyLogger app, it allows your social media monitoring.

#7 SpyZee

It is another KeyLogger app that gets used by parents for tracking their kid’s activities. This app track over the target phone activities such as most-used apps, internet browsed pages, website accessed and more. Apart from this, it allows you to know how much your kid is spending time using the phone. Other features of it include email tracking, SMS tracking, call history monitoring and even more. Importantly, you can operate Spyzie remotely through online servers.

#8 Spyera

This KeyLogger app is specially created for iphone and Android devices. Some of the features of spyera are GPS location tracking, website monitoring, accessing multimedia files such as voice messages, images, videos, screenshots, and even social media tracking. Another interesting feature of this app is recording surrounding voices which are remote functions from target device as you enable it from the control panel. And in last it is able to access emails and send it in real time to online servers where you can read it.

#9 BosSpy

Probably, you may hear about BosSpy as it is popular KeyLogger app for all monitoring tasks. Some of the key features are monitoring browsing history, phone location, contact details, and SMS tracking. The most important thing about this app is, you can view the live location of the target person. You can use its free trial for demo and if satisfied with functioning you can buy its paid version.

#10 HelloSpy

It is the last one in top KeyLogger apps because this app requires physical access to the target device. However, it is one of the safest apps amongst all. This app readily works on all types of operating systems such as Android or IOS, but it has some dark side too. It is not updated with a current operating system run on the victim phone as it becomes paralyzed after the device update. Some of its features are GPS tracking, multimedia access, viewing websites, call history and of course viewing keystrokes.

Apart from some issues, this app is easy to install and have a user-friendly interface. Surely you will get an amazing spying experience while using this app.


So these are the top 10 best free KeyLogger software in case you need to track passwords of the target device. When it comes to the features, you can understand free apps are limited, if you want to use the most prominent one you can go with SpyRen. It is the best KeyLogger no matter what type of operating system is the target phone has. It is available with both free and paid version; the free version is also worth for its reliability and features. For advanced features, you can download its paid version. Finally, from above all, you can try SpyRen.

Review: 10 Best Free KeyLogger without Their Phone
  • #1 SpyRen
  • #2 TheTruthSpy
  • #3 Spirix KeyLogger
  • #4 FreePhoneSpy
  • #5 Kid logger
  • #6 XySpy
  • #7 SpyZee
  • #8 Spyera
  • #9 BosSpy
  • #10 HelloSpy
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